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Mesensei Community Platform

Create an engaging and exclusive social media for your community easily & affordably, while ensuring data confidentiality and GDPR compliancy.

With Mesensei platform, organisations can get a branded mobile app to engage directly with their community - their contacts - in their own space, while retaining control over the data and seamless brand experience.

Direct contact with your community

Are you struggling to get your messages out to your community in social media platforms driven by advertisements? Engage directly with your community - your contacts - in your own space, without the need for tricks to optimise your content for “engagement” algorithms.

Your community member roster and the data your community generates is a valuable asset. Take control with powerful management tools designed to improve your workflow and unlock the potential of data driven decision making.

Community and data management

Customise and integrate

Applications powered by Mesensei can be used as a standalone systems with seamless user experience on iPhone, Android and Tactilon Dabat smartphones. It also features web widgets and API’s, which can be used for integrations into existing IT -infrastructure.


All the things you need

Privacy by design & GDPR

Worried about marketing consents, disclosure notifications, service terms, privacy policies, data lifecycle management, data transfers outside of EU, data access and transfer requests? No worries. Mesensei has you covered. Our solution is designed to provide all the necessary bits and pieces to ensure your online community complies with GDPR regulation. If you have questions or you need training our data protection and privacy experts are happy help.


Community and content

Analytics and Reporting

Privacy & legal term

Data hosting in EU

Building software, especially for mobile, has been expensive and risky. Now with Mesensei platform you can create your own community app, which is tailored for your organisation’s unique needs and culture.  

Get your own app published in Google Play and Apple App Store to create seamless brand user experience for your community in just weeks — instead of months or years!

Build your own community app

Tuukka Ylälahti

Co-Founder & CEO

+358 400 410315

Niina Simonen

Partner & Head of Customer Success

niina (a) mesensei.com


let's talk

Our experts are experienced community designers and management consultants. We are happy to assist you in building strong and engaged community with an impact.

tuukka (a) mesensei.com

+358 40 772 3449