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Data Driven and Mobile Innovation Ecosystem

Food & Beyond platform created for VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland, brings creative thinkers and enablers together to create impactful food solutions for now and tomorrow.

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Facilitating a Complex Innovation Ecosystem

Building and engaging a complex innovation ecosystem without a digital platform is hard. VTT was looking for a ready product to support their ecosystem with improved networking, interaction, match-making and collaboration features compared to a website and public social media.


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a state owned and controlled non-profit limited liability company. VTT provides research and innovation services and information for domestic and international customers and partners, both in private and public sectors.


VTT and Mesensei share the belief that no one can create ground-breaking innovations on their own, making them ideal co-creation partners to deliver a cutting edge mobile first community platform for shaping a brighter future for food.

Ecosystem in a Pocket

Food & Beyond platform is for a collective of food thinkers and doers. It brings together the creative thinkers and enablers to create impactful food solutions for now and tomorrow. The platform connects the participants, improves the communication in the ecosystem, and supports match making. It also reduces manual work in administration when organising events and publishing news and challenges.

Structured Approach to Community Building

Building up and launching a platform for a community is a complex task. It involves understanding what the community is about, how it is structured, and what does success look like in short, medium and long term. Mesensei experts got involved with the Food and Beyond community managers and helped them to walk through the steps from strategic challenge, to solution concept, and its deployment.

Data Driven Community Building

Community managers need specialised tools to harvest behavioural insight to create unique high value content for their community. With their own platform VTT can build up the value of the community and its data asset strategically over the years adding up new functionalities and advanced capabilities based on analytical insights. Data driven approach takes the guesswork out of ecosystem facilitation. It boosts the value of participation and the impact of the community as a whole.

Quote Cirecle 2

“Working with Mesensei was smooth and inspiring. As a customer, you at all times felt like the company representatives were giving and doing their very best and more for you. Also the needs of our target group were well mapped out and considered. We have been impressed with both the working process and the end result. Likewise our customers have given good feedback about the website and the App."

Saija Ohtonen-Jones, ‎Executive Director,  
Imetyksen tuki ry

The “Rinnalla” app can be downloaded from the AppStore and Play Store and the new site can be found at


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