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Breastfeeding Peer Support App & Brand Renewal for Imetyksen tuki ry

Creating a support app for breastfeeding and a more inclusive visual identity for the Finnish Association for Breastfeeding support.

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Breastfeeding Peer Support Goes Mobile

ITU (Imetyksen tuki ry, Finnish Association for Breastfeeding Support) offers nationwide trained voluntary peer support for breastfeeding and parenting in Finland. It has a massive audience with over a million site visits, hundreds of thousands of regular users and social media followers.


The Association wanted to make a digital transformation to take their operation to a new level; renew their digital presence and brand to better meet the demands of their audience.  


Mesensei took the responsibility of the entire project: creation of a new mobile service to offer peer support, a new website with new brand identity and visual look.

Rinnalla App - a New Digital Channel for Peer Support

Rinnalla application brings together breastfeeding peer supporters and support seekers in a secure channel for confidential talks via chat or VoiP calls. It offers easy access to all; the support is neither place nor time dependent. Rinnalla application is built on Mesensei’s community platform (PaaS). It can be used as a mobile application for iOS and Android and as a web browser version.

Inclusiveness at the Heart of the New Brand Identity

The renewed brand identity and the new logo puts emphasis on inclusiveness and represents the interaction between adult and child. It’s underlining the significance of intimacy and the diversity of families with babies. The visual style is designed to work across all touchpoints; from print to digital and to merchandise.

From a Static Website to Dynamic Digital Services

New Imetys.fi is designed to offer an easy and fast access to relevant content considering different audiences. Renewed site offers ITU tools to create, organise and publish their most essential content in a modular and flexible way. New imetys.fi and Rinnalla application complement each other and together provide a seamless user experience for ITU’s audience.


Mesensei solutions are modular and scalable: PaaS (Mesensei’s community platform) for Rinnalla peer support app, WordPress for the new imetys.fi website and Mesensei widgets for showing shared content in several channels.

Quote Cirecle 2

“Working with Mesensei was smooth and inspiring. As a customer, you at all times felt like the company representatives were giving and doing their very best and more for you. Also the needs of our target group were well mapped out and considered. We have been impressed with both the working process and the end result. Likewise our customers have given good feedback about the website and the App."

Saija Ohtonen-Jones, ‎Executive Director,  
Imetyksen tuki ry

The “Rinnalla” app can be downloaded from the AppStore and Play Store and the new site can be found at


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Breastfeeding Peer Support App & Brand Renewal for Imetyksen tuki ry

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